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  Catalogue No. SP-118 -- Price $32.95

A hardbound, 8.5 x 11" formatted book of 160 pages includes the history and development for both the Korean era F9F Panther and later Cougar along with a listing of Navy and Marine units operating the aircraft and carrier deployment during the Korean conflict.  300 photos, fifty of which are full color with profiles complemetn the presentation.  Catalogue No. SP-145  -- Price $29.95

   A look at the famed Air Defense Command's fighters of the Cold War by way of 300 photos, equally divided for black and white and full color.  The presentation is by way of a softgound 8.5 x 11" - 128 page book and offers photos not seen previously.  If a fan of the USAF, your favorite aircraft is there, and more.  Catalogue No. SP-150 -- Price $24.95

    360 8.5 x 11" hardbound pages with full color aircraft plan and profile camo patterns taken from the original manuals with fighter, bomber, seaplane/flying boat, transports and more documented. An extremely valuable reference for Geman aircraft of the WW II period.  Includes actual color chips; camouflage instructions from the original manuals.  (2nd printing)  Catalogue HK-907 -- Price $56.95 -- This has been expanded with lots more information


  8.5 x 11" hardbound format, 360 pages, photos and color profiles present all aspects of the Italian air force, organization, operations, aircraft types, bases.  Over 100 color profiles with over 240 black and white and color photos illustrate the camouflage and markings found from the beginning of WW II for the Italians, thru' the end in the Med.  (2nd printing)  Catalogue No. HK 909 - $56.95

Catalogue No. HK-908  $56.95

    Provides an insight into Soviet Union and Russian strategic aircraft since 1945.  Offers development information along with military operations and exercises.  Aircraft covered:  Tu095MS Bear-H; Tu-160 Blackjack and TU-95MS Backfire-C.  Hardcover 8.5 x 11" format with 272 pages, 6000 color photos and aircraft profiles.  Companion book to Soviet Strategic Aviation in the Cold War shown above (HK-908).  Catalogue No. HK-912 -- Price $56.95

  Catalogue No. HK-933 - $47.95

The newest addition to the Mushroom Models Publication (MMP) Red Series of monographs.  Softbound 6.5 x 9" format. 144 pages with 26 pages of color aircraft profiles. Full service description from the American fighters introduction in French Air Force service in 1939 through 1947 when the last were scrapped. 215 photos not only of the aircraft but the leading pilots and places associated with the "Hawk" in France and North Africa.  Catalogue No. 978-83-1421-07-8 - $25.00