300AC-GER-003 LUFTWAFFE Part 3 - Ju-87 Units (w/Italian)  B.o.B. and N. Africa - Price:  $7.85
Provides national insignias for six aircraft and the choice of individual aircraft identification codes for Staffel/Gruppe from St.G. 51 (4ea - 7. Staffel, 4ea - 8. Staffel, 4 ea - 9. Staffel), St.G. 1 (2 ea from 1. and 2. Staffel) and St.G. 2 (4ea - 1. and 3. along with the famous red and white snake from 6. Staffel II. Gruppe St.G. 2).  Includes Staffel/Gruppe insignias where and when used.  These dive bomber groups (Ju-87s) will be found in service during the Battle of Britain and into the Mediterranean theater of operations offering a choice of camouflage to be used.   Also found on this sheet and joining the Luftwaffe units operating over the Med are representatives of two Royal Italian air force dive bomber units, 237a Squadriglia, 96a Gruppo Autonomo Bombardieri and the 209a of the 97a Gruppo.  Markings for six complete examples of each squadron are provided.

300AC-GER-004 LUFTWAFFE Part 4 - Me-110 units for Battle of Britain, (NW Europe Night Fighters), Med, African and Eastern Theaters of Operations - Price: $7.85
focuses it's attention on the Me-110 twin engined long range German fighter. units of which engaged in the Battle Britain and would be found in the Mediterranean, Africa and Eastern theaters of operations and as one of the Reich's night time defenders.  National insignias provide for twelve complete aircraft models with the modeler/wargamer's choice of individual aircraft squadron/group markings including Staffel/Gruppe emblems.  This choice includes two each night fighters from NJG 1 and NJG 4, five from ZG 2, ten from ZG 26 and one each from ZG 52, ZG 76 and St.G. 3; a total of twenty individual aircraft with their respective emblems.