300AC-US-013 - B-29 Unit Markings for SAC Bomber Units in the Korean War

Sheet 300AC-US-013  feature the aircraft markings as found on bomber units of the U.S. Strategic Air Force engaged in combat over the Korean combat area during 1950 through 1953.  Sheet 300AC-US-011 is used with this decal sheet to provide the proper national insignia (red bar now included) and air force title blocks, "USAF" and "United States Air Force".  Four bombardment wings and a reconnaissance squadron of SAC are represented (two of the four wings would return to the U.S. early due to target availability - doing a job to well).  The lion's share of markings belong to the longest serving wings, the 98th and 307th with group tails insignias provided for six aircraft, and a spare set just in case, for each.  Three sets of markings will be found for each of the remaining two bombardment wings and the recon squadron, the 22nd and 92nd bombardment wings and the 91st strategic recon squadron.  Completing this water slide decal sheet will be found the individual aircraft serial number for that specific plane along with the group emblem or squadron insignia in the case of the 91st, as well as the insignia for the 15th Air Force.  The later is used on several of the presented airplanes but more have been included for other uses (other service aircraft, i.e. C-47s, of that command).  Placement of the group insignia on the port side of the aircraft near the cockpit would be a feature found on SAC aircraft throughout the "Cold War" period. 

Sheet size: 7.5 x 4.75"
Each sheet $11.29