October 6th marked the opening of the HMGS-PSW fall campaign at the Boy Scouts Center in Glendale and another Guts N Glory game. The game is now officially on the market, and is a good one.  Following are photos of the scenario taken by Norman E. Harms of Scale Specialties, and captioned by Marc Canu of Guts N Glory. To see more about the game and HMGS-PSW go to Marc's website at http://www.marccanu.com/gng.htm (Guts N' Glory, WWII Skirmish Rules). For the 12mm Minifigs used in Guts N Glory, see the Scale Specialties catalogue under Minifigs, and for decals go to our decal page.

"The Americans have a surprise waiting for them."

"American Paratroopers advance toward the unknown..."

Hidden artillery is bad for the paratroopers.

Another view of the gun emplacement.

Another view of the gun emplacement

GI's advance through the gully.

Yankee gully advance

Recon photos suggest something is not right here...

Overall view of the battlefield on the table.

Convention Manager Steve Verdoliva expounds his convention wisdom to the