As we have always said, we’re as close as your phone, fax or mouse.  The first aspect has time limits each day.  Our normal business hours are 0900 to 1800 PST or PDT, Monday through Friday; up to 2200 and Saturdays there a good chance you’ll find someone in the office.  The phone line doubles as the fax number and is available 24/7.  The answering portion is on a one ring pick-up before it goes to voice mail OR if sending a fax just hit the go button to send right then.  If leaving a voice message, please keep the message short.  A phone call is the best way to get questions answered and we always enjoy talking with our customers.  Phone orders are accepted.


Phone orders will allow us to assist you if you aren’t sure about a certain product or we can make suggestions for substitutions or verify availability of an item.


While an order form appears on our web site, it not necessary to use the form to order.  The form provides you an outline of the essential information we need to fill your request.  As a quality control check, make sure the full catalog number of the item is in agreement with the description.  This information can be laid out on an e-mail transmission and then provides a copy for us as well as your use.


If you are emailing an order, please be sure to include your name and full shipping address on the email, along with a contact phone number. It is always best if we have a contact number should some unforeseen circumstances arise that requires clarification.




Phone / fax: 714-535-7486


Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 4996

                          Anaheim, CA 92803-4996




(please DON’T send cash in the mail)


Our preferred method of payment is through standard credit card sources.  We accept MASTERCARD, VISA and DISCOVER credit cards.  We do NOT accept PayPal or American Express.  Money Orders and Checks are accepted.  Checks will usually delay order shipments until cleared by the bank unless previous arrangements have been made. 


We do NOT store credit card numbers in our on-line computer.  Card numbers should be transmitted via e-mail as a two or three part transmission.  Don’t forget to include the full name of the cardholder, the expiration date of the card and the three-digit security number on the back of the card. 


Of course, you can always call us with the number, or request that we call you for it.




Normal shipping of orders is done via U.S.P.O. priority mail at the estimated cost.  The size and weight of an individual order can increase this cost over and above the estimate.  We attempt where possible to use the “Flat Rate” shipping boxes for larger orders, and typically use “padded cells” (bubble envelopes) for smaller items and decals. Special shipping requirements by the customer should be arranged prior to shipping.