The Admiral's Library -

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1.    Thoughts on a Library

2.    Excerpt from "The Campaigns of the Pacific War" - United States Strategic Bombing Survey (Pacific) - Naval Analysis Division, 1946.   cspco.jpgcoral.pdf

3.    Excerpt from ONI -54 - a compilation of US vessels - dated 1943. This excerpt was a result of research on the USS St. Louis.  onicomp.pdf

4.    Cruise line freebie from the New York Herald 1910 - not only promoting the newspaper, but giving passengers tips on Customs Regulations, a comparative time chart in various cities, and identification of other vessels by funnel design. A lot of information crammed into a small fold-out.  The pages shown here are opened up for viewing ease.  liner.html

5.     Mulberry Harbor mulberry.html