More Fun 'N Games -- this time from the 2006 ConquestLA. Special guest was Phil Vivierto of Classical Hack, who brought a brand new game to the show, this from the Knight Hack  series "Viking Assault on Hedeby".  He also set up the spectacular Siege of Troy terrain which you will see below.
Scale Specialties sponsored the American Civil War tournament - Mr. Lincoln's War, presented by the author Stephen F. Phenow. Photos of this game, from set up through play are also below.
And, finally... we managed to get Phil, Steve, and Norm (Norman E. Harms of Scale Specialties) together for a few photos. These three of these gentlemen represent the study of military history from the Pre-Classical period all the way down to present day in Military History.

One Post Script -- A few days before Steve's next scheduled game at OrcCon, he had returned to LAX from New York and the car in which he was riding was hit by a truck on Century Blvd. Steve was seriously injured... we don't have an update, but when we get one we will post it on this page.

Next -- The Siege of Troy

More Troy photos can be found on the Conquest SF 2005 page.

Now - The Tournament -- Mr. Lincoln's War - from set up thru' play.


And -- the Meeting of the Minds !!

First -- Phil Vivierto and Steve Phenow take a chat and soda break.
Below - L-R: Norm Harms, Phil Vivierto and Steve Phenow