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Thoughts on Yesteryear, Norman E. Harms

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Merchant and Military Vessels of World War II Reviewed, Vol I. - (ONI-208J-Far Eastern Small Craft & ONI-223M - Merchant Ship Shapes) - Introduction and Commentary with pages from the CD --just click on the title and run sequentially through the preview pages.
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The first volume features a RE-presentation of original World War II Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) manuals. These publications, while disseminated at the time to the military only, have remained virtually unknown to the general public, but contain a wealth of information dealing with the subject matter indicated. In the case of Supplement No. 2 - Far Eastern Small Craft minor Japanese combatant warship types e.g., PT boats, gunboats, and lesser escorts, along with typical merchant vessels under 1,000 gross tons are featured. Also found is a section dealing with Japanese amphibious landing craft, information not included with ONI's publication dealing with major combatant vessels. The second fully presented manual covers merchant ship shapes found in all theatres of conflict during the Second World War. The avowed purpose of this manual was to assist allied forces in the development of accurate methods of identification of all merchant vessels.  Further, it provides a comparison and contrast with different identification schemes, as created by the United States Navy and the British Admiralty (Vol. III of the series will feature in its entirety the Admiralty manual cited herein).
Ownership of this series will provide the historical connoisseur and model builder a rare opportunity to achieve the "feel" of this moment of history, being able to view the material exactly as it was presented originally.
Over 600 Photos and drawings are contained in the two publications being presented, featuring some interesting historical insights which have not been fully disclosed nor illuminated in the past 60 years... and how is YOUR "YU" submarine??

Merchant and Military Vessels of World War II Reviewed, Vol. II. - ONI - 222 J - The Japanese Navy, dated June 1945 - Commentary with pages from the CD

Merchant and Military Vessels of World War II Reviewed, Vol. III, - ONI 208 - Merchant Ship Recognition, dated April 1942, and British Admiralty Publication BR-799 - Merchant Ship Recognition - A Handbook for Observers, dated June 1943.