British Armored Division, Part 1 - Northwest Europe 1944-45 is the first of the Scale Specialties "N" Scale (1/160) line of decals, specifically designed for Minifigs World War II wargaming pieces. A bibliography is included with the decal instruction sheet, along with application placement diagrams. More of the British units are coming, for different periods and theatres of operation.

These decals were printed by Microscale, Inc., and are reflective of the quality associated with that firm.

British Armored Division, Part 1 - Northwest Europe 1944-45. Gives you HQ, Senior, Second, Junior armored regiments, motor battalion, armed reconnaissance regiments, HQ armored division Royal Artillery, Field Artillery Regiment, Anti-Tank Regiment - HQ infantry brigade and Sr through Jr battalions. In addition Division squad markings for the regiments, allied stars in various sizes are given along with classification plates for various vehicles, and armored division insignia including Guards, 11th Armored Divison and 9th Armored Division.

Catalogue Number - 160-001, 7 1/4" x 4 3/4" sheet, priced at $6.50. (Click here to view decal)

 Review-MWAN #113 (Sept/Oct 2001) P.171.  Review-Military Modelling Sept/Oct 2001 V. 31 #11 (cover)  (review) Review-Courier #83.
Review Military In Scale (November 2001) (Note: Both Military Modelling and Military in Scale added an "i" to Specialties - "Specialities" -- but we're still us! )

Shown above left: US M-10 tank destroyer in British service with the British 11th Armored Division.
Shown above right: Rear view of the same vehicle.

Above left and right: Front and rear views of US supplied M-4 Sherman also in service with the British 11th Armored Division as indicated by the "bull" insignia on the left front and rear of the tank. The Number 53 indicates the vehicle is attached to the Junior Armored Regiment of the division, while the bridge classification plate shows this vehicle requires a 30-ton bridge to cross.

The photos below will give you an idea of the true size of these N scale vehicles.

Above are the same two vehicles shown with a U.S. quarter (25-cent piece) for size comparison.

Photos by Norman E. Harms -
Models painted, detailed and decaled by Mr. Lonnie L. Gill, Official Historian for the U.S. Tank Destroyer Association, and author of the book detailing their history as well as author of world renowned naval wargaming rules General Quarters I and II (III forthcoming), and the recently released wargaming rules covering land warfare TacFire (see our catalogue under "Rules").