British RAF Squadron and individual aircraft codes (the 4th in Scale Specialties "N" Scale - 1/160 - series) really "dresses up" a model.  The "SKY" color was provided by Super Scale's top graphic artist, and the formula comes from that used by the RAF in World War II. Tail bands are provided for both Spitfire (on the left) and Mustang (on the right). Serial numbers are genuine and accurate, and the table of correspondences (serial numbers matched to squadrons) is given in the instruction sheet along with a bibliography for your research endeavors.

Also included on this sheet are the miniature checkerboard (Polish National Insignia) and the individual squadron insignia to use with the RAF's 303 Squadron.  "Three-Oh-Three" (as it's pronounced in the RAF)  was one of several squadrons, both fighter and bomber,  established  for expatriot  European pilots expelled from their respective homelands by the German onslaught.  It should be noted that American Ace Francis X "Gabby" Gabreski flew with the RAF's 315 Squadron composed of eager Polish nationals.  Gabby's Polish-American background and especially his fluency with the language served him and the U.S. 8th Air Force well as he flew with this gallant band of Polish flyers, gaining much needed combat experience which he passed on to the fledgling 8th Air Force.   Having been at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, there was no one to learn from at that time, however, we can assume that the operational combat experience presented to him during his stay with 315 greatly contributed to his becoming the leading USAAF Ace in the ETO. We had the good fortune to meet this gentleman and speak with him during a book signing a number of years ago in California. We extend our sympathies to the Gabreski family on his passing in New York 31. January 2002.

The decals were printed by Microscale, and as in the case of 160AC-003, consultations with Super Scale have produced some of the finest detailed small-scale decals available on the market today.

British RAF Squadron and Individual aircraft Codes - note these are in the official "sky" color as used in WW II.
Catalogue Number 160AC-004 - 4 3/4" x 3 3/4" - priced at $5.75.  (Click Here to view decal)