In this new section we're going to try to show off some of the fun in games at the different conventions we've attended in the past year.

1. Guts & Glory - by HMGS/PSW - Photography and captions by Marc Canu. This brand new game was played at Strategicon's Gateway 2001 on Saturday, September 1, 2001, and featured the 12 mm (N Scale) product line by Minifigs.  Painting of the figures was accomplished by various members of the HMGS/PSW group...lot's more to come from this gang!  For more info on Guts & Glory go to and while you're there - check out the HMGS/PSW info he has.

2.  Again, at Strategicon -- there are all kinds of layouts for the games, the one illustrated here by Mr. Tom Chambers, incorporates various turns and twists that the players must make in order to reach their objectives.  Elements included were a bridge, armored train, various town/city pieces in addition to the circuitous route.

3. Guts N Glory - at HMGS-PSW Fall Campaign October 6, 2001.  Note - the game is now officially on the market. 

4. GAMA 2003 - although strictly a trade show, GAMA allowed us to meet some very interesting people, talk about and show our products.  This year we concentrated on the new (to be released shortly) U.S. WW II decals.

5,  GATEWAY 2003  - MR. LINCOLN'S WAR, sponsored by Scale Specialties. The game was organized and refereed by the leading author of the rules, Steve Phenow, a civil war historian in his own right.

6.  KUBLA CON 2003 -- Our first venture north to San Francisco

7.  KUBLA CON 2004 -- And  we went back again...

8. CON-QUEST 2004 (The Last) San Francisco beckoned again.

9.  GenCon SoCal 2004 -- since it was in our own back yard, Anaheim...

10. ConQuest LA 2005 - The first of MANY to come

11. KUBLA CON 2005 -- And again...

12.  A Weekend of Heroes - June 2005 -- we got to see some REAL WWII and modern vehicles and met some great people.

13.  ConQuest SF 2005 - Labor Day Weekend 2005... (The First) and a terrific convention...  (Lots of cool pix of Troy)

14.  ConQuest LA 2006 - The Vikings Land, American Civil War is fought again, and.... Historians had a chance to compare notes !!