Guts N Glory features Minifigs World War II 12 mm (N-Scale) vehicles, personnel, and soon - aircraft.  Here's what happened at the Strategicon Gateway 2001 game convention on Saturday, September 1, 2001.  Game photos  and captions by Marc Canu, winners photo by Norman E. Harms at the Scale Specialties table. The game was co-sponsored by Game Figures, Inc., (Minifigs-USA) and Scale Specialties, and winners received promotional packs of minifig pieces and our decals.

GNG is evolving, as all good games must -- and this is a good one.  For more information on the game go to

Robert, the lead designer of Guts 'N Glory, teaches the system to a new player during Strategicon.

"US Infantry deploy in a field at the start of battle. (taken with flash)

U S Infantry deploy in a field at the start of the battle. (taken without flash)

German infantry advance toward Geisbach.

GNG Participants at Strateticon.

One of the German objectives:  the road junction.

U.S. Infantry in the woods waiting for the inevitable attack.

Fuzzy trees do not equal fuzzy math which does equal the photographer getting $300 back!

Fuzzy German infantry advancing.

German troops, with armor support advance to take the sawmill.!

Fuzzy Stug on hill.

Recon photos suggest that the U.S. lost the sawmill, and the Germans are laying down fire on the main road.

German Stug III on a high point waiting for the Americans to show up.

U.S. Infantry advancing on the farmhouse.

U.S. Infantry advancing on the road junction.

On a hill far away a lone Stug III keeps watch.

Where, oh where has the bazooka man gone??

U.S. troops advance on the road junction.

What the U.S. troops don't know, won't hurt them...right?

YooHoo! I'll make you famous!

And two winners were:

Left to right:  John Harrel, with one of Guts N Glory's Designers, Gary Brandon, and Tom Yamada. John and Tom are the WINNERS of the GNG game at Strategicon Labor day weekend.