Books From the - "Days of Yesteryear" and "Admiral's Library"
27. August 2000

These sections of the Scale Specialties Web Site feature excerpts from a number of original sources. Basically the difference will be found in what might be done with the individual presentation. The first, ("Days..."), will provide our readers with an insight and cursory view of currently available presentations from the offerings of Scale Specialties, generally speaking, selected portions of our CD-Rom RE-presentation series. The latter, illustrates items which might be released in CD format later but features information regarded as of interest for our valued customers. Source material for the "...Library" is directly from SMS owner's private collection of documentation, books, contemporary papers, magazines and research trips to various archive holding facilities. "Days of Yesteryear" will rotate through all the CD pages of the original on a random change basis while sections from the "Admiral's Library" will also be changed periodically.

Please remember, the material from "Days of Yesteryear" is copyrighted to Scale Specialties and the respective author or authors responsible. Permission for reuse must be obtained from the publisher.

"... a cloud of dust and a hardy 'Hi Ho Silver, Away!'. Return with us to the days of yesteryear ..." No doubt, few people will remember what that is all about or for that matter where it originally came from. Should we have included the theme music from the original program, what it was and represented would immediately be recognized. The original title, "The William Tell Overture" lost upon most people, would be recognized from the music as it continued through the radio era and into its television version during the early days of TV. It did in fact come from a time which itself is now our "days of yesteryear", original new technology called radio (well it was at the time). We are attempting to capture the "feel" of the time and a return to the understanding of that period with the release of our new CD-Rom series which RE-presents original material just as it was, but of course utilizing modern technology, the computer and CD-Rom storage medium. We just couldn't think of a better name for this section.

And the difference between "Days..." and the "... Library"? Well material in the "Admiral's Library" will probably not be converted into an individual CD. Many factors dictate this policy but there are items of great interest in these respective historical fields (history, military, scale modeling and what have you), which we have had similar spirited individuals express interest in and request copies. Much of this material has been gathered over the years as a result of research for various books and historical projects in which we have been involved, including movies and TV programs as well. It is intended for both these sections to be changed on a random basis but all sections begun will be completed, random order of course.

And the "Admiral"? Short story. A boy grew up in San Diego, California, home port for a lot of Navy carriers at the time and of course the Navy's Amphib Forces. He loved models, ships and the military and was forever playing wargames with what ever was at hand. Little choice for a loving and favored Aunt to call someone of this nature, so "Admiral" it was and has been. Although my Aunt Ev passed away this year (August 2000), her affectionate nickname remains, and lends itself to something else intended to be creative and we hope enjoyed by many.

To activate the respective presentation click on the section heading, "DAYS OF YESTERYEAR" or "ADMIRAL'S LIBRARY" and then the individual title.