LINKS to our friends and other places that we have found interesting.
                                     Links to our friends and other sites of interest for a military miniature collector/historian/wargamer.  While you may have already found some of these
                                    sites (many are crossed linked), the exchange of information is what makes this whole system so exciting and fully mind boggling.  We have selected some of the
                                    better sites which provide information and/or data for our hobby.
                                    (If you would like to be added to our list, please fill out the following NEW LINK FORM.)

 A site full of links to other Scale Model (and other related topic) web pages. 
Pretty cool, worth checking out!
For Gamers
Whether you are in Northern or Southern California, here are a few convention sites you may want to check out: , ,

Caliver Books
Located in the UK this shop carries a wide selection of WW II related materials. We just acquired three
small booklets on camo and markings of various vehicles in WW II and found them incredibly detailed, including colour chips.

 Pacific Southwest Chapter of the Historical Miniature Gaming Society (HMGS)
HMGS is a national organization promoting the historical aspect of gaming, not just necessarily wargaming.  This site provides links to other HMGS sites as well as links to other sites of general interest; each should be reviewed. 

Gavin's Aviation Page
A look a aircrft modeling in the UK with interesting articles dealing with full size craft.  Of interest to us was the reference data on Humbrol paints and the listing of the revised colors and cross reference to Testors, Tamiya, etc. 

J.J. Fedorowicz Publishing Inc
Offers some of the best books on military topics currently being prepared, especially the German Tiger tank. 

World War II Books
This one will open the door for a large selection of some hard to find military history books. 

Polish Aviation History Page
Some interesting history which hasn't been easily available is presented. 

US ARMY Insignia Home Page
Interesting info on insignia from Revolutionary War period to the Present; 
links to additional research sites. 

USAF Museum Archives Gallery
To quote their intro, ".... This is where you'll find detailed and specific information of interest to aviation researchers and historians as well as the general enthusiast."  Does it live up to this?  Essentially, yes but then remember most of us are scale military model builder/historians and what we require is specific and highly detailed at times.  Nevertheless, give them a look. 

Beaufighter Squadrons
From their brief:  "A site dedicted to the 'Forgotten Fighter', the Bristol Beaufighter, and the squadrons who flew it in the Second World War.  Included are squadron histories and aircraft details."  We enjoyed this site and wish there could be more along these lines. 

Luftwaffe Emblems 1939-1945
Aircraft profiles, unit insignia, identification markings, unit descriptions and abbreviations along with other interesting links. 

Luftwaffe Page
A large site much to see, especially their color chips for the RLM. 

Late War Luftwaffe Colours Comments on RLM colour "84"
Provides some interesting information and comparisons for these elusive Luftwaffe colors. 

On Camouflaged Wings
A research and information page and other useful links. 

Tony Matteliano's Scale Model Bookmarks - Aircraft & Space Reference Pages
An outstanding list of list.  Try it, you've got to find something of great interest if you're into aircraft and space. 

IPMS USA Home Page - International Plastic Modelers' Society
Information is not just for plastic modelers, that is their medium for presentation so don't be mislead because you use some other construction material.  Tons of info and links to the rest of the IPMS world organization (I've looked at a bunch and they all have something to offer).  Want to know where to get the famous FS color chips?  Check it out!!! 

Looking for order of battle, TO&E's and info along these lines?  WW 2, WW 1?  Oh to late for you!  Well his lists go all the way back to the 30 Years War.  Really great data on the WW II period.  If you need order - this is the place. 

AFV NEWS - Tanks & Armor Page: G. Bradford
This is THE place for tanks and armored fighting vehicles info, it's the original. 

RN Chips
This address will get you to a portion of the larger presentation.  In particular, at this location, you will find color chips for Royal Navy 
camouflage for the Second World War and where you can find sample color chips.  Click back in the site and you will find additional info on USN colors, again with chip samples presented.  There's more, see for yourself. 

The Ship Modellers Information Page
Source data for photographs, plans, magazines (and we can HIGHLY recommend "Plastic Ship Modeller"). 

The Floating Drydock
This is the place for information on the United States Navy, especially during the Second World War - scale plans (from if not THE originals), color chips for the blue-grey camo paint, modeling accessories and probably THE most important single piece of data - over 150 ship camouflage design sheets for the USN.  No need to guess about this any more. 

The PT Boat Page
Restoration projects, history and facts about the USN PTs, as well as related links. 

U-Boat Net - The U-boat War 1939-1945
We've watched this site grow for some time and it just keeps getting better!  See for yourself. 

Classic Publications
New to the world of publications, founded in 1995, their work will be known around the world and should form some of the new classic works in the field of military aviation books.  Don't miss out! 

Kookaburra Home Page
The reputation of this Australian publisher has been long established. 

If you're into aviation art, reference books and decals, check out Jerry Crandall's site. 

The War Times Journal
If you're a wargamer, or a history buff - this is one of the premier sites to visit. There are articles on different eras, from Napoleonic, to World War I and II, all well researched and presented. If you're looking for on-line rules - check this page out - there's real good stuff, and easy to play. 

Warship Books 

Articles of War 
Great place for reference materials you can't find elsewhere.


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